Welcome to UX Book Club Auckland

UX Book Club Auckland started up in June 2009. After talking to the first attendees, we'll aim to meet approx. once a month unless interest tells us more or less) and we'll try not to clash with other events happening in Auckland.

If you have an interest in or work in interaction design/user experience etc, you are more than welcome (e.g. UPA, IXDA, Web Meetup)

About Auckland UX Book Club

It's an informal event for (Interaction) Design and User Experience professionals who design, research and scope interactive systems and products of all types: web, desktop, mobile, information spaces (e.g. airports, museums), consumer electronics, digitally-enhanced environments and more. It's about sharing ideas and learning in a social environment.

We hope to discuss learning from the books that apply in our day to day work. These can translate into trends, tools, tips and techniques and their adaptations.


The UX Book Club Auckland seeks to build a passionate community of people interested in broadening their understanding and increasing their skills in the multi-disciplinary field of User Experience.

The books and discussions will aim to cover a wide range of topics from a number of specialisations that feed into the creating and maintaining great user experiences.

Meet up format

The unorganiser will facilitate discussion and questions creating an open forum for discussion.

Depending on how the first meet up goes, the book type etc we may try different formats.

Books on the List

When & Where?

Wednesday April 14th 5.30pm

Rakinos Cafe, www.rakinos.com, Level 1/35 High Street, Auckland Central 1010, (09) 358 3535


Add your name and email address here in AT DOT format (for example, John Smith is: jsmith AT gmail DOT com) - and the unorganisers will get back to you.

  • Peter Grierson (unorganiser) pete DOT grierson AT gmail DOT com
  • Justine Sanderson (you have my email addy, right ? ;-) )
  • Jodine Stodart (Joining the club) jodine AT liquoricemedia DOT com
  • Eli Weir eli AT eliweir DOT com
  • Hayden Vink: hayden DOT vink AT dna DOT co DOT nz (will try for next time!)
  • Helen Smith: helen DOT smith AT mcgovern DOT co DOT nz
  • Nathaniel Flick: natobasso at gm ail do t com
  • Zeb Reynolds: zeb dot reynolds at gm ail do t com
  • Corinne Gibson: corinne at codacreative DOT co DOT nz
  • Caroline Jones: caroline.ux at gmail DOT com
  • Mike Hales: mike DOT hales at gmail DOT com
  • Emma Knight: emma dot knight at shift dot co dot nz

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