UX Book Club Boston

I will not be updating this page. See the official site for details. Thanks, Jason R.

The book club for anyone interested in User Experience design.

You can come even you haven't read the book.

Bring a smile and a eagerness to learn!


Jason Robb

Keep in touch

Yahoo! Upcoming

I've decided to stick with Upcoming for planning out events. UX Book Club: Boston, MA

Follow on Twitter

I'll be posting updates to UXBoston periodically.

Flickr group

UX Book Club Boston Flickr group – Nothing here yet, expect pictures once we've had a meetup.


Join the UX Book Club Boston Facebook group if you're in to that sort of thing. Though I prefer we use Upcoming.


If anyone is interested in participating, add your email address in AT DOT format, and/or twitter username:

  • Jason Robb - @jasonrobb - jason AT jasonrobb DOT com
  • Patrick Haney - @notasausage - email AT iam DOT ph
  • Marc Amos - @marcamos - marcamos AT gmail DOT com
  • Angelo Simeoni - @cssboy - angelo AT cssboy DOT com
  • Kevin Berni - @beantownberni - kevin.berni AT gmail DOT com
  • Wes Carr - @wesleymiles - betabeton AT hotmail DOT com
  • Jennifer Musil @jencreated - jencreated AT gmail DOT com
  • Tom Vollaro @senseofplace - tom AT vollaro DOT com
  • Jenna Marino @jennamarino - jennamarino AT yahoo DOT com
  • Allison Corbett - acorbett AT willowtree DOT net
  • Ali Hussain @alooster - alihussain AT usa DOT com
  • Eva Kaniasty @kaniasty - kaniasty AT gmail DOT com
  • Chauncey Wilson @chaunsee - chauncey.wilson AT gmail DOT com
  • Bernard Farrell @bernardf - bernard.farrell AT gmail DOT com
  • Melinda Swenson @melindahouse - melinda.swenson AT gmail DOT com
  • Chloe Fan @chloester - herchloeness AT gmail DOT com
  • Graham Sysko - gsysko AT gmail DOT com
  • Steve Hansen - sw_hansen AT obliquevision DOT org
  • Joan Vermette @jayeffvee - jayeffvee AT mac DOT com
  • Jyllian Thibodeau @jyllish - jyllian AT gmail DOT com
  • Chris Canfield @seishino - uxbookclub AT chriscanfield DOT net
  • Dustin DiTommaso @DU5TB1N - dustin AT BostonDesignCouncil DOT com
  • Larissa Schwartz - larissaschwartz AT gmail DOT com
  • Julie Strothman @strottrot - julie AT strottrot DOT com
  • Skuli Gudmundsson - sgudmundsson AT yahoo DOT com
  • Dan Ritz - @danritz - dan.ritz AT gmail DOT com
  • Jen Dolan - jen AT jenniferdolan DOT com
  • Christine Perfetti - @cperfetti - christine AT perfettimedia DOT com
  • Marco Moreira - @phmarco - marco AT peoplehelper DOT org
  • Yvette Tardiff - @ytardiff - ytardiff AT gmail DOT com
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