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People from South and in and around Chennai, its an opportunity for us to get to gether and form our part of UX BOOK CLUB. So this is a call for all designers, UX engineers, consultants, web developers who are into this research and Information Architects to see this and send in their interests to be part of the Chennai UX book club. Let this be a beginning for the south, As we grow we can expand to various other areas with local interests.

Share Interest

If you are interested feel free to add your name, current profile and also your email id. As soon as we get some good number our Coordinators would be getting in touch with you. In case you need to know more details feel free to write to sathishsampath at rate gmail fullstop com. Please try to use the format “email id at rate portal fullstop extension”

Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/chennai-ux-book-club

Sathish Sampath- Director -MediaMetrics- sathishsampath at rate gmail fullstop com

nithya sambasivan, phd. student, uc irvine, nithyas at gmail dot com (is something happening in the month of august? i am gone after that]

Arun Martin, Technical Writer, arun.martin@gmail.com

xavier roy, tech writer, xavier dot roy at gmail dot com

Nitesh Bhatia, UI - Designer, nitesh at conchoid dot com

Shruti Ramalingam, Interaction Designer @ Cisco Systems (Sathish's Comment - “Shruti - Please give your email id - if you see this”) Email id: shrutii.r at gmail dot com

Arun Martin, Web Developer - California Software Co. Ltd., arulmurugan77 at gmail dot com

Mubashar Nadeem, Usability Engineer - Capgemini, mubasharnadeem at rate gmail fullstop com

Mustafa Quilon - UI Designer & Front-end Web Developer - twitter - mustafaquilon AT gmail DOT com

Kirubha Sankari - Usability Specialist (email: krpasan at gmail dot com)

Ananda babu Karthikeyan - Senior Engineer (Web Usability) ,(email: anandkarthi6 at rate gmail fullstop com)

Balaji Padmanaban - Senior Interaction designer,PayPal (email: theuxdesigner at rate gmail fullstop com)


The primary intention of this would be to gather people doing similar profession and also to facilitate cross sharing of information that would benefit all of us in our actual work. More to it passion based activity would also need a place where we express our ideas and creativity where people listen. Lets make this place to be that.



As we grow we can share our load and we can make this place a desirable one for all our followers


Shivan Kannan (email: shivan dot kannan at gmail dot com)

Vinod Rajpurohit (email: doniv01 at gmail dot com)

Arulmurugan T (email: arulmurugan77 at gmail dot com)

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