UX Book clubs are a great initiative to bring people of same profession together. This also gets a good social bonding that would encourage discussion of higher standards.

Call for Members

There are 100's of UX people here that can create a great synergy if we could get along together to start discussing something related to our passion. Please put your name to volunteer yourself as member.While putting your name also put your email id in the format given below


Sathish Sampath - Director - MediaMetrics - sathishsampath at gmail dot com Shivanand Reddy Yerva - Ranjeet Kumar Tayi - ranzeeth(at)gmail (dot)com Susheel Pandey - Mohan Talluri - tmohans at gmail dot com Santosh Reddy Gayam - Mohammed Safiullah Khan - mdskhan(at)gmail(dot)com

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