Welcome to the UX Book Club Melbourne

What's this all about then?

We love good UX books, but somehow its hard to find the space to discuss what we liked-disliked agreed-disagreed with about a book.

Bookclubs are a great way to gather and discuss ideas that affect user experience professionals today. From information architects and interaction designers to visual designers and usability specialists, we seek to augment their understanding for excellence in UX practice, interaction design (IxD) theory while building a passionate local community.

Subjects of interest to this club span design theory, design research and user experience research practices and processes. The books include the strategy and business of design, UX design theory and history, methodology, usability research, and the ethics of UX professionals, while networking and having some fun.

How do I Join In?

This site documents what's going on, what we're reading and when. We also have a Google Groups email discussion list where we discuss what book to read next as well as UX things in general.

Feel free to just turn up on the night too.. discussion tends to cover a wide range of topics, so don't worry if you haven't read the book!


The Google Groups email discussion list is always a good place to ask a question.

If you'd rather direct your question at an individual, then you can contact Daniel Naumann via twitter @danielnaumann or via email: danielnaumann AT gmail dot com.


Meetups take place on the third Tuesday of every alternative month thereafter.

Next Book for Discussion

Next bookclub is on Tuesday 19th July 2011

6pm get together for a 6.30pm(ish) start.

Location: Horse Bazaar (397 Little Lonsdale St).

The Atomic Chef

by Steven Casey

The Atomic Chef is an altogether new collection of 20 true stories about technology and design-induced human error by the author of the highly-acclaimed original, Set Phasers on Stun. The 20 stand-alone chapters of this new work describe — with shocking and graphic candor — how technological failures result from the incompatibilities between the way things are designed and the way people actually perceive, think, and act. New technologies will succeed or fail based on our ability to minimize these incompatibilities between the characteristics of people and the characteristics of the things we create and use. This book is the quintessential ‘must read’ for all those who deal with technology in any fashion. From the frustration of an awkward ATM machine to the threat of accidental, nuclear Armageddon, Casey shows how the same crucial factors come into play told through the very eyes of those people who saw and experienced these things. No student of design, psychology, behavioral science, or technology should be without this book and then again, neither should any intelligent member of society who wants to know what goes on with the successes and failures of modern technology.

Sit ringside to the action where compelling events unfold. The stories in this book will take you to airports and airline cabins, an amusement park, a fertility clinic, a pharmaceutical plant, an emergency dispatch center, the Olympic games, and a bank; to hospitals, spacecraft, ships, and cars. From the coasts of Peru and Monterey, in orbit aboard the International Space Station, the freeways of Southern California and the back roads of France, the battlefields of Afghanistan, and a nuclear fuel plant in Japan — this is The Atomic Chef.

Previous Books Read

Check out the list of books we've already covered.

Book Ideas

Here's the list of books we'd like to read. Feel free to add any books or suggest to the email list one from the list you'd like the group to read next.

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