User Experience Book clubs intents to create a medium where the ux professionals can meet and discuss about the literature available for ux, concepts and ideas and mutually help in the zone whichever is their speciality.

Call for Members

Mumbai being the entertainment capital, pivotal area for digital medium, I think we have a lot to do. Start is needed, and I am sure once this picks up, this goes a long way in helping everyone of us. Show your interest to this club by putting your name below. Use the same format as given below to write your email id.


Sathish Sampath - sathishsampath at gmail dot com.

Vivek Deshmukh - vivekdeshmukh at hotmail dot com.

Hitesh Mehta - hiteshkmehta at gmail dot com.

Ajith Menon - kool dot ajith at gmail dot com.

Rajneesh Vasudevan - rajneeshva at gmail dot com.

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