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We're recruiting readers through the North NJ User Experience meetup group (http://ia.meetup.com/54).

Anyone can add books and capsule summaries to our book list. Please include a hook: who would be interested in reading the book and why?


The UX Book Club of Northern NJ seeks to bring together UX professionals of all disciplines interested in deepening their knowledge and enhancing their practice through lively, in-depth discussion about books that have made or have promise for making a great impact on the UX community. We’re also a social club, a salon-of-sorts interested in building community among like-minded folks hungry for ideas and good talk.

Whether you’re an information architect, interaction designer, visual designer or usability specialist, the club will provide an opportunity for you to engage in conversation and learning across disciplines. Books of interest to this club will depend on the make-up of its members, but will likely be drawn from subjects such as the strategy and business of design, design theory and history, methodologies and process, experience research and the ethics of UX professionals.

The UX Book Club of Northern NJ hopes to function as a collective, where members rotate responsibilities for moderating discussions and updating the wiki.

As a fledgling group, I think we should try to join up with the existing North NJ User Experience Meetup (http://ia.meetup.com/54), which meets monthly in Madison, New Jersey. We'll look for ways to merge book reading with professional discussion. And we can use the meetup group for communications. You have to join the meetup group in order to see the messages. If other organizers come along with other ways to lead us, we'll change as needed. All are welcome.

That said, if you’re interested in reading, good talk and, ultimately improving your understanding of our practices, learning about new ideas and equipping yourself with a lens to better foresee our future, please join us!

(Thanks to Cindy Chastain of the New York City group for the initial version of this text.)

Book list

Dan Brown, “Communicating Design”

An instant classic on how to document what you intend to do for your clients.

Christina Wodtke, “Blueprints for the Web” (2nd Edition)

This book is now (February 2009) being released in a second edition. It is about what goes on when you're preparing designs for the web. Judging by the table of contents, it will concentrate primarily on what factors to consider and how people work together.

Dan Saffer, “Designing for Interaction”

A breezy introduction with real meat in all the bits. It will help you adopt the perspective of interaction design, and to see beyond the day-to-day issues of web sites.

Here are three books that the New York group has on their list. They've had one get-together so far, to discuss the Buxton book.

Sketching User Experiences, Bill Buxton.

Sketching User Experiences

Everyone seems to be starting with Bill Buxton's book because sketching is the method designers use to search for good designs.

Subject To Change: Creating Great Products & Services for an Uncertain World, Peter Merholz, Todd Wilkens, Brandon Schauer, David Verba.

Adaptive Path is an experience-driven strategy and design company. We're lucky to be able to see their explanation of how to use customer experiences to inform and shape the product development process.

Mental Models: Aligning Design Strategy for Human Behavior, Indi Young

What a good idea! Let's find out how the user thinks before trying to communicate or interact.

Mental models are what the semantic web would capture if we knew what everything was about. Indi Young's book has been greeted with great enthusiasm, and she just did a (paid) webinar on it.

The People:

To join the group, add your name and contact information here. You may also wish to join http://ia.meetup.com/54, to hear about books we're (talking about) reading.

Please format as Name | space | username/at/domain.foo to make it a bit harder for spammers to harvest your emails.

  • Bruce Esrig (coordinator) esrig-ia AT esrig DOT com
  • Lisa L. Trager - tragester AT gmail DOT com
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