UX Book Club Oxford

If you are interested in participating in or helping me to organise please add your name and email address here in AT DOT format (for example, Andrew Boyd is on facibus AT gmail DOT com) - and someone will get back to you, or join us http://www.meetup.com/uxbcoxford/

See this thread for information on the first meeting.

We started on Google groups but have since moved to http://www.meetup.com/uxbcoxford/

Interested people

  • Rachel Cawsey: rachel DOT cawsey AT gmail DOT com
  • Leanne Wilcox: lee AT camissa DOT com
  • Garrett Coakley: garrettc AT gmail DOT com
  • Edward Kay: edward AT edwardkay DOT co DOT uk
  • Susan Curran: susan DOT curran AT sbs DOT ox DOT ac DOT uk
  • James Christie: upmyoxford AT gmail DOT com
  • Roy Weston: rweston AT royweston DOT me DOT uk
  • Kris Northfield: kris DOT northfield AT gmail DOT com
  • Al Power: alpower AT gmail DOT com
  • Darwin Peltan: darwinpeltan AT gmail.com
  • Marc Carlucci: mc AT glouglou DOT net
  • Frances Maxwell: f DOT maxwell AT gmail DOT com
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