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We're a meetup group promoting events and presentations in the area of web design and development. We offer a variety of events including usability exercises. Most of our members have never participated in any user experience methods but many are aware of them. We're promoting exercises then encouraging members to read the book. We will also offer traditional book reviews, but running an exercise to help a local stakeholder is a great way to build a user group.

We're fortunate to have a few UX pros in our organization and they are helping us prepare and run our events.


Card Sorting Usability Clinic, July 30, 2012

Card Sorting, Donna Spencer published by Rosenfeld Media, 2009

We are hosting a “clinic” where attendees learn a user experience method called, Card Sorting. This is based on the Rosenfeld Media book by Donna Spencer. See: This page also has reference links to info discussing card sorting. Check it out!

The Details: We're planning to meet 7 PM to 8:30 PM. We'll conduct two styles of card sorts. One is paper based and the other is web-based. Our customer is a local business in the downtown area.

Participants: If you have no card sorting experience, you will learn some of the basics and be able to apply it to one of your future projects. If you are a veteran card sorter, we would still like you to attend to share your experiences with the other attendees.


Parking: There's a Mud Hens game that also starts at 7:00 PM so parking will be a challenge. It is best to arrive as early as you can to assure yourself of good parking. You may need to pay for parking, lots will charge from $5 to $10.

For more information on parking give ParkSmart a phone call at 419-242-7515, visit online at You could also take the Muddy Shuttle. Leave from one of 14 pickup points and cost is $1.00.

Weather: The weather forcast looks good for Monday evening, but it wouldn't hurt to plan to bring an umbrella depending on where you park.

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