Vancouver's UX Bookclub is relaunching in March 2011!

Our first meeting will be March 2, 2011 6-8pm @ The Network Hub (Richards & Hastings).

We'll be discussing A Project Guide to UX by Russ Unger and Carolyn Chandler -

Russ will be joining us via Skype to answer questions and join the discussion.

For full event details and to sign up to attend, visit


Add your name and email address here in AT DOT format (for example, FirstName LastName on alias AT domain DOT com) - and someone will get back to you :)

* Jeanette Bautista (jbautista AT gmail DOT com)

* Greg Bell (gregdbell AT gmail DOT com) (

* Derek Kehler (derek AT orange-peel DOT ca)

* Aaron Holmes (aholmes AT pureguru-software DOT com) ( (kelowna)

* Dorian Taylor (dorian DOT taylor AT gmail DOT com) (

* Yigit Karakilic (yigitkarakilic AT hotmail DOT com)

* Doug Gough (doug AT duggoff DOT com)

* Shirley Man (siuyee AT gmail DOT com)

* Andrew Jung (andrew AT skippingrock DOT net)

* Lynne Polischuik (lj.polischuik AT gmail DOT com)

* Stephen Johnson (stephen.johnson AT gmail DOT com)

* Shawn Price (shawnp AT gmail DOT com)

* Laura Matheson (ljmatheson AT gmail DOT com)

* Pam Nicholls (pamnicholls AT hotmail DOT com)

* Dethe Elza (delza AT livingcode DOT org)

* Barbara Richards (barbara.richards AT gmail DOT com)

* Theresa Putkey (tputkey AT gmail DOT com)

* Moiz Syed (moiz AT moiz DOT ca) (

* Lorraine Chisholm lorraine.chisholm AT workatplay DOT com

* Meghan Deutscher (megdeutscher AT gmail DOT com)

* Niamh Redmond (niamh AT niamhredmond DOT org)

* Vanessa Turke (vturke AT shaw DOT ca)

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